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“The Stair Repair Experts” (.com)


Based in Hoboken, NJ,  Marty Anderson & Associates, Inc. (est. 1987)

is known throughout northern New Jersey and Manhattan for quality

wood stair and wood railing repair & rebuilding.

We also enjoy a fine reputation for our design/build cabinetry!

Check our “blog” webpage at:

2020 marks our 33rd anniversary!!

Yes, we have been at it for quite some time !

You can find our studio at 4200 Grand Avenue in North Bergen, NJ.

Here’s a video of a stair rebuild in progress......

Here’s a bit more information on our services:

stair repair (our specialty):

Do you have rickety, creaky or perilous stairs?

Are they detaching from the wall?

Here’s what may be lurking under that carpet (or is about to happen):

BAD: De-stabilization from                      WORSE: Oh my! Hold on tight

treads releasing from wall                       for some serious stair surfing!

                                                                    Hope you’re insured for injuries!

If this is your situation, you’ve come to the right place. We can help.

You’ve found the experts: The Stair Repair Experts

Not in such dire straits?

Is it just time for a stairway remodel or a tread upgrade? No problem.

As the photo at very top above demonstrates, we often repair or replace

your stairs from above with no plaster demolition to the ceiling below.

We usually work in an occupied home - we rebuild the stairs a few at a

time, leaving your stairway passable for the overnights throughout.

We get the squeaks out!

Replacement treads available in:

Carolina pine, red oak, white oak, sapele (mahogany), black walnut, etc.

....and of course we can provide and install new wood stairs and railings.


The search is over - you’ve finally found

a company experienced in repairing & stabilizing wobbly wood railings.

Baluster (spindle) and newel post duplication / fabrication available!

We provide & install new railing systems on the LJ Smith website, most of which we can usually get “off the shelf”. So, you can use catalog parts (ask us: we

carry railing system brochures and samples of various species of wood of

standard products), or we can build your completely original design ideas.

(For example see the hockey stick and puck railing on our railings page.)

Click here to see some of our custom railing installs or click on our

main gallery page and scroll to the middle of the page for more.

design / build cabinetry:

We design well thought out built-ins to optimize your space - from

initial concept through drafting, fabrication, delivery and installation.

Click here to see some of our cabinetry installs or click on our

main gallery page and scroll to the bottom for more.

please contact us:

Please call 201/798-0507 to discuss your project.

Production studio: 4200 Grand Ave, North Bergen, NJ (no mail here pls.)

Postal address: PO Box 1595, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Our website: 

            AKA :

Also see us at our ‘blog’ style site:

                Fax: 201-377-5298

We look forward to speaking with you !!

                         Here’s our

    Hoboken Youth Soccer League Team

                    “The Hammers” !

      Thank you coaches Mike & Anna!


                                                                           Meet “Sawzall”, our mascot.....


                      Here’s our

   Hoboken Little League Baseball Team

                    “The Hammers” !

   Thank you coaches Henry, Rich & Ted!

                                                                                      ...she’s a handful!

A hyperlink: We are members of the                        

Better Business Bureau of New Jersey part of our commitment to quality.

Legal corner:

As required by New Jersey Law, we are registered with the

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Lic #13VH04778100.

We are full insured (general liability and Worker’s Compensation),

with proof of insurance available upon request.

Make sure any home improvement contractor you hire meets

and can prove these legal requirements. Many can not and as such

can compromise your legal position in the event of a problem or injury.

The Brag Book:

Click here on Custom Stair Gallery to see some of our stair work


click here on Gallery (or at top of the page) to see stairs, rails & cabinetry,


just cabinetry or just railing installs


                  Typical stair rebuild/re-support

                           ☚ Before (loose & shaky)

                       (here we are doing a tread

                       replacement, but in many

                  cases treads can be removed,

                          stabilized & re-installed)

                                   ☚ During (extracted)

                                                   (treads and risers removed,

                                                    re-aligned & re-supported;

                                                            note intact ceiling below)


                                        ☚ After (rock solid)

                                         (new pine treads

                                        and birch risers

                                 installed in this case;

                                          oak, mahogany  

                                        and other woods

                                            also available)                                 


Look for the sign of quality!

*Each page of our website has these “click-on” page tabs at the top*

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